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WP6 (Communication, Dissemination and Exploitation)

AgriLink is a multi-actor project. WP6 aims to underpin the high scientific and practical ambitions of the project with a range of activities that guarantee to engage relevant actors with specific project activities, and actively promote the widespread dissemination and exploitation of project results.

Following the launch of the project in June 2017, the WP6 team (Highclere Consulting and the Baltic Studies Centre) immediately began working on two key project documents: the Communication Plan and the Dissemination and Exploitation Plan.  These are living documents that will evolve and develop during the project.  Although prepared and co-ordinated by the WP6 team, implementation of the two plans is a consortium-wide effort.

During the early stages of the AgriLink project most attention is inevitably being given to putting the Communication Plan into action:

  • to ensure that all consortium and International Advisory Board (IAB) members maintain effective involvement in the project;
  • to attract the attention of a number of audiences and raise their awareness of – and interest in – the project;
  • to connect directly with relevant external actors to encourage their interaction and engagement with the project;
  • to engage with and provide inputs to the SCAR AKIS-SWG, EIP-AGRI and national/regional innovation and policy networks;
  • to keep all interested parties informed of progress with the project.

There are numerous communication tools and channels available to a project such as AgriLink.  An important function of WP6 is to identify those communication tools which are potentially most effective in achieving the communication objectives by being most acceptable to target audiences and most appropriate to the characteristics and context (motivation, technical capacity, cultural context) of the project partners.

WP Leaders:
Mark Redman (HCC)
Talis Tisenkopfs (BSC)

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