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News: AgriLink2020 – Meeting with SCAR-AKIS SWG

AgriLink partners, the Agricultural University of Athens, hosted the 8th meeting of the SCAR-AKIS Strategic Working Group (SWG) on 28 February – 1 March 2018.

The SWG comprises representatives from all the EU Member States with the mandate to advise the European Commission on the functioning and strengthening of EU, national and regional Agricultural Knowledge and Innovation Systems (AKIS).

Other AgriLink partners (INRA and Highclere Consulting) also participated in the meeting to present the AgriLink2020 project and to establish the basis of a longer-term working relationship with the group.  As Project Co-ordinator, Pierre Labarthe (INRA), explained “AgriLink has been specifically requested to provide input to and liaise with the SCAR-AKIS Strategic Working Group. This will also provide a unique opportunity to multiply and amplify the findings and effective outcomes of the AgriLink project, as well anticipate the evolving AKIS policy context and adapt AgriLink project activities/ outputs accordingly”.

The meeting was devoted mainly to recommendations and reflections for the strengthening of national and regional AKIS with measures included in the so-called ‘CAP Strategic AKIS Plans’ proposed for the CAP 2021-2027 period.  A total of 22 country presentations gave an overview of the great diversity of AKIS that exist in Europe and the potential to enhance knowledge flows and innovation potential with clearly defined and targeted measures.

The meeting was organised in collaboration with the Greek National Rural Network.

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