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The EU-FAS implementation in Flanders has been done under the name “KRATOS”. Art. 12 - 15 of Regulation (EU) No 1306/2013 requires Member States to set up a farm advisory system that allows the farmer to seek advice on at least a number of EC-determined topics.

Country Report: Assessment of the EU-FAS in Belgium (Flanders), by Stijn Bossin (InnovatiePunt)

During the first year of KRATOS 2, more than 1,000 advice requests were submitted across the 14 advice modules, demonstrating that farmers are keen to use the KRATOS advice system. This number makes that KRATOS takes an important place in the Flemish advice landscape. Click below to download the document.

Regional policies impacting the Advisory Regime in Flanders/Belgium

Advisory policies are fully regionalized in Belgium. EU-FAS plays a key role in Flanders. Government fund advisory organization through public tendering. Click below to download the factsheet.

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Innovatiesteunpunt (ISP)

Innovatiesteunpunt (ISP) is the Innovation Centre for Agricultural and Rural Development which is embedded within Boerenbond and Landelijke Gilden, the largest agricultural and rural development organization in Flanders, Belgium, with a membership of 17,000 farmers and 70,000 rural families.  Within this broad organization, ISP provides a focal point for agricultural and rural innovation and permanently incubates and delivers more than 30 EU or nationally funded innovation pilot projects.  These projects focus on applying theoretical knowledge gained from fundamental research to the development, testing and practical implementation of innovative products, processes, and services that are essential for promoting a sustainable agricultural sector and a vibrant and resilient rural economy.

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