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The EU-FAS was built in times of slow formation of FAS after decades of centrally planned knowledge transfer, which was ceased in 1990. Requirement to implement EU-FAS (initially for cross-compliance implementation) triggered design and implementation of advisors accreditation system; hence the impact on institutional framework was significant.

Country Report: Assessment of the EU-FAS in Czech Republic, by Jaroslav Prazan (Ekotoxa)

After Council Regulation No. 1782/2003 was issued, strategies for FAS was adopted at the Ministry of Agriculture (MoA). Advisors are accredited in several rather broad areas (plant and animal production, optimisation of business, organic farming, agriculture and nature/landscape management, use of farm produce for energy production, soil management, farm buildings, production technologies and mechanisation, forestry, and plant protection). 200 advisors are accredited (it is regarded as low number), the number is declining. Click below to download the document.

Factsheet: Regional policies impacting the Advisory Regime in Czech Republic

From State provision to State contracts on provision. Attempts in coordination in a pluralistic landscape. National level of R&D policies. Click below to download the factsheet.

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Ekotoxa ltd. (EKOT)

Jaroslav Pražan,
Ekotoxa ltd. (EKOT) is a research, development and consultancy company working in the Czech Republic and abroad at the interface of sustainable development, nature protection, ecotoxicology, forestry, agriculture, soils and spatial planning at national, regional and local level.  The company was founded in 1990 and has over 40 employees with a diverse range of skills and a broad portfolio of experience from analysis, studies and consultancy contracts undertaken for the Czech government, town and regional authorities, research institutes, agricultural enterprises and farmers.  EKOT has particular experience with providing technical assistance for the design, development and implementation of geo-information systems for the management and control of CAP area-related payments in the EU Member States of Central and Eastern Europe.

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