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The concept of Farm Advisory System (FAS) was introduced in the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) by the 2003 reform, linking direct payments with the cross compliance standards.

Country report: Review of the implementation of EU-FAS policy in Member States of EU- Greece, by Eleni Zarokosta (Agricultural University of Athens).

The implementation of FAS became compulsory and the Member States were obliged to set up a comprehensive advisory system (EC 1782/2003) up to 2007 and continued supporting its operation, aiming "at helping farmers to better understand and meet the EU rules for environment, public and animal health, animal welfare and the good agricultural and environmental condition" (European Commission, 2010). In Greece the lack of a structured advisory system made the provision for the establishment of an advisory system ‘obligatory’ for the Greek authorities, which issued the Ministerial Decision 1752B/2006 in alignment with the EC regulations. Click below to download the report.

Factsheet: Regional policies impacting the Advisory Regime in Greece

A process from Centralization to decentralization and fragmentation. Public institutes not involved in the provision of advice to farmers. Pluralism; lack of coordination. Click below to download the factsheet,

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The Agricultural University of Athens (AUA) has been contributing to Greek and European economic development and policy-making with cutting edge scientific knowledge, basic and applied research and high-quality graduates since it was established in 1920.  It is the third oldest university in Greece.  The Laboratory of Agricultural Extension, Rural Systems, and Rural Sociology has a transdisciplinary focus on sustainability and innovation and is involved in numerous European research projects on topics such as extension/ training and learning, agri-environmental topics, policy assessments, project design and evaluation.

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