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Italian historical dynamics, political definitions and the recent economic conditions have resulted in a highly fragmented agricultural innovation system with strictly regional geographical boundaries, which makes it unrealistic to describe a general situation, applicable to the whole country.

Country Report: Review of the implementation of EU-FAS policy in Member States of EU- Italy, by Ekaterina Kleshcheva and Cristina Micheloni (VINIDEA)

This report presents the outcomes of an evaluation of EU-Farm Advisory System (EU-FAS) in Italy. The aim is to assess whether and how the EU-FAS regulation changed the functioning of Italian regimes of farm advisory services. The assessment follows the framework developed by Agrilink project to analyse the effects of the EU-FAS on the different dimensions of national advisory regimes, including the boundaries of the system, the identities of advisory suppliers, the attributes of the services (in both front-office and back-office), but also the financing and monitoring of advice. Click below to download the report.

Factsheet: Regional policies impacting the Advisory Regime in Italy

FAS was and is managed at regional level. Historically regional agencies and farmers’ unions played a major role but not any longer since 2000. Some regions prefer to use own funds for collective and specialized advisory. Click below to download the factsheet.

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Cristina Micheloni,
Vinidea srl (VIN) is a micro-enterprise founded in 1999 that provides information transfer and innovation brokerage for the wine industry.  VIN looks for scientific and practical news from all over the world and then makes it available to agronomists and enologists.  They make full and effective use of all available tools to promote the sharing of information among the different categories of wine specialists: from classic conferences to webinars and internet tools, study trips, written articles, audiovideos, translations from and into different languages and surveys.  VIN is publisher of the journal Infowine (Internet Journal of Enology and Viticulture) which is available in 6 languages and read by 40,000 wine professionals worldwide.

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