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EU_FAS in Poland is widely understood as an agricultural advisory system operating for years in the form of regional agricultural advisory centers (ODRs) providing advisory services in accordance with general EU requirements.

Country Report: Review of the implementation of EU-FAS policy in Member States of EU- Poland, by Mateusz Sękowski (Agricultural Advisory Center in Brwinów Branch Office in Radom).

The EU-FAS is implementing on regional level. The system is coordinated at national level by the MARD. The second phase of the FAS implementation includes agricultural advisory services resulting from EU legislation. Click below to download the report.

Factsheet: Regional policies impacting the Advisory Regime in Poland.

Advisory policies have gone through radical reform since the introduction of market economy in Poland. Public sector nevertheless still plays a key role in the provision of services. Click below to download the factsheet.

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Agricultural Advisory Centre in Brwinow (AACB)

Mateusz Sękowski,
The Agricultural Advisory Centre in Brwinow (AACB), plus its Branch Offices in Poznan, Krakow and Radom, is the national institution responsible for the education, certification and registration of agricultural advisers in Poland. AACB is directly responsible to the Polish Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and cooperates closely with governmental institutions, local self-government bodies, farmer organisations, researchers, agriculture advisory centres and various other organizations and institutions working for the benefit of agricultural development and the rural economy.

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