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In 2018, the utilised agricultural area of the United Kingdom covered 71% of land (73% of all land in Scotland and 69% of all land in England) . Agriculture’s contribution to the national economy was less than 1% and its share of employment 1.53%

Country Report: Review of the implementation of EU-FAS policy in Member States of EU- United Kingdom, by Christina Noble (The James Hutton Institute).

This reports outlines EU-FAS in the UK, and more specifically in Scotland and England from where our case study regions are found. Click below to download the report.

Factsheet: Regional policies impacting the Advisory Regime in UK

Farm advisory services are treated as devolved policy in UK. Advisory services were privatized in UK in 1980s. Public funding is still provided by DEFRA; with NGOs playing an important role in the supply of services. Click below to download the factsheet,

Factsheet: Regional policies impacting the Advisory Regime in Scotland/ UK

Farm Advisory Services are treated as devolved policy matters in UK. EU funds played a key role in Scottish advisory policy. Brexit provides a source of uncertainty. Click below to download the factsheet.

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James Hutton Institute (HUTT)

Lee-Ann Sutherland,
The James Hutton Institute (HUTT) is one of the Scottish Government’s major research providers, focusing on land crops, soils, land use and environmental research.  It employs over 500 scientists and support staff from a wide range of disciplines making it one of the largest research centres in the UK.  Within the Institute, the Social, Economic and Geographical Sciences Group (SEGS) conducts both free-standing social science and interdisciplinary work research on major contemporary social and economic research challenges, such as natural resource governance, ecosystem services valuation, sustainable behaviours, rural community vibrancy and socioeconomic transitions in agriculture.

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