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EU Farm Advisory Regimes

Analysis of the governance of farm advisory systems at national and European level

One of the specific aims of the AgriLink project was to examine closely how farm advisory systems are governed at national / regional level.  The project team was especially interested to understand if the different aproaches that are observed in different countries impact upon the effectiveness of national / regional advisory systems and the access that farmers have to information and services.  The work undertaken included a detailed look at the implementation of the EU regulation on Farm Advisory Regime (EU-FAS) in 13 countries and an in-depth analysis of the governance of farm advice systems in 7 countries.

The aim of the synthetis report on EU regulation on Farm Advisory Regime (Deliverable D4.1-Evaluation of EU-FAS) is to present the conditions and effects of the implementation of the two main and interrelated policy instruments dealing with advisory services within the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) of the European Union (EU).

For the detailed report on each of the 16 countries, please consult the map below.

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