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News: AgriLink E-workshops highly appreciated

The online E-workshops run by AgriLink during the last 12 months have been highlighted in the recent review of the project as “…highly relevant input for policy debates” with outcomes and perspectives that “…could be of immediate impact to Member States that are engaged in the transformation of their Farm Advisory System in the context of AKIS”

Two E-workshops were organised.  The first was on the theme of “The Quest for the Holy Grail of Independent and Impartial Advice for Farmers” and attracted 24 participants from 15 countries, including the US and India.  The second workshop was titled “Learning from experience to design public policies that support the contribution of farm advice to sustainable development”.  It was organised in association with the SCAR-AKIS Strategic Working Group and the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre with 57 people signing up from 22 countries to take part in it.

“We are very happy with the outcomes and potential impact of our E-workshops”, explained the Project Co-ordinator, Pierre Labarthe. “We designed the workshops to make them easily accessible and convenient for the participants and this is reflected in the high level of engagement and really meaningful discussions about key policy issues relating to the future direction of farm advice in Europe.”

 At least one more E-workshop is planned by AgriLink and details will be announced soon. 

Photos by Dylan Ferreira, Chris Montgomery on Unsplash.

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