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News: The 8th Consortium meeting focused on the results dissemination

The 8th Consortium meeting held online between 16th and 18th of June 2021 was a real succes. More than 30 participants gather in a virtual meeting, to present the latest results of AgriLink and to elaborate together the last steps for dissemination of this amazing work.

A series of writing papers was scheduled for this year, more practice abstracts to be elaborated, at least 25 for Work Package 4, and several other results to be published. The workshops on Socio-Technical Scenarios from Work Package 5 are held in the remaining 9 countries and the policy recommendation will be elaborated. 

The highlight of the meeting was the inside launch of the on-line course ”‘Creating innovative agricultural advisory services through a Living Lab”, developed under work package 3, by Open University. Full details about joining the course are here!

Also, the dissemination of these results was an important subject of this meeting: planning the actions, new videos to be created, more news and inputs from partners are expected. Another innovative communication tool was promoted by during the Work Package 6 session: how to use the digital stories format to reach various target groups and present the complex Work Package 2 results, the case studies. The training sessions will be organized by James HUTTON Institute, for all the consortium members this Summer.

The work for a new legacy website has started and it will replace the actual one, after the project will be over, in November 2021. The website will be online for 10 years and it will serve as a library for several target groups. 

The project’s final conference will be organized this Autumn, but due to Covid pandemic and its challenges, the format (virtual face to face, hybrid) is still being discussed. The next and last Consortium meeting will be held at the beginning of October 2021.

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