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Practice Abstracts

Short summaries of useful information and recommendations

Practice Abstracts are intended to communicate a short summary of some practical information or recommendation that has been observed or developed during the lifetime of a Horizon 2020 project.  They mainly focus on issues which are relevant and attractive for farmers, farm advisers and other related practitioners, but at the same time they also aim to be interesting, accessible and understandable to a broader audience too. 

Here you will find the 81 Practice Abstracts that we have produced so-far (until December 2020) in the AgriLink project.  In January 2021 new 11 PAs (76-86) are uploaded. They have all been developed using the EIP-AGRI common format and can also be found  on the EIP-AGRI website.

In order to increase their practical value we have enhanced them with additional information and a few photographs – plus they are downloadable as PDFs.

Click on the tabs below or search for a specific country, key word or work package using the filters – and don’t hesitate to give us your feedback

By the end of the project there will be 130 enhanced Practice Abstracts uploaded here, so please come back regularly to check for updates!


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