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Vinidea S.R.L (VIN)

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Cristina Micheloni

Vinidea S.R.L (VIN)


Vinidea srl (VIN) is a micro-enterprise founded in 1999 that provides information transfer and innovation brokerage for the wine industry.  VIN looks for scientific and practical news from all over the world and then makes it available to agronomists and enologists.  They make full and effective use of all available tools to promote the sharing of information among the different categories of wine specialists: from classic conferences to webinars and internet tools, study trips, written articles, audiovideos, translations from and into different languages and surveys.  VIN is publisher of the journal Infowine (Internet Journal of Enology and Viticulture) which is available in 6 languages and read by 40,000 wine professionals worldwide.

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