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WP3 (Living Labs for innovation support services)

WP3 will develop and test new and improved innovation support services and tools in Living Labs to link research, farmers and public and private advisors more effectively.

The WP has several methodological layers. The first layer is the implementation of six Living Labs to develop and test innovation services in six specific cases related to existing innovation initiatives. These labs will be organised in Norway, Latvia, Romania, Spain, Italy and one combined in The Netherlands / Belgium. The current situation, context and dynamics are the starting points of the Living Lab approach. More about the process can be found in the video below.

We start with opinions and observations, then seek to find a likely explanation, shared challenge and intervention strategy to develop or improve the innovation support service. This will be done together with a group of stakeholders in the Lab. This co-creation is the very reason why we are not using a design blueprint. Each Lab is unique: we have to observe, understand, design tailor-made interventions based on reflection and learning.  Project partners will be trained to facilitate and monitor the Living Lab in their country.

In the second layer, reflexive monitoring of the quality of learning within each Living Lab will be assessed collaboratively between the labs to identify generalisable lessons and produce support materials:

  • How to develop, test and validate new innovation support services in Living Labs;
  • The roles and responsibilities of different stakeholders;
  • What factors contribute to providing a supportive context.

The third layer involves interaction and working with stakeholders beyond the project. For this, a web based strategy will be implemented to develop options for integrating Living Lab approaches in emergent configurations of European AKIS and of models of governance of advisory systems.

WP Leaders:
Herman Schoorlemmer (WR) and
Melanie Van Raaij (ISP)

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