Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique et Environnement (INRAE)


Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique et Ennvironnement (INRAE) is a French public research institute working on agriculture, food and food security, environment and land management, with a particular emphasis on sustainable development. INRAE ranks second in the world and first in Europe for publications in agriculture and forestry. INRAE’s goals are to i) serve the public interest by maintaining a balance between the excellence of research and societal demands; ii) produce and disseminate scientific knowledge and innovation in agriculture, forestry, food, and environment; iii) promote scientific and technical culture and foster science/society debates.

Agricultural Advisory Centre in Brwinow (AACB)


The Agricultural Advisory Centre in Brwinow (AACB), plus its Branch Offices in Poznan, Krakow and Radom, is the national institution responsible for the education, certification and registration of agricultural advisers in Poland. AACB is directly responsible to the Polish Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and cooperates closely with governmental institutions, local self-government bodies, farmer organisations, researchers, agriculture advisory centres and various other organizations and institutions working for the benefit of agricultural development and the rural economy.

Agricultural University of Athens (AUA)


The Agricultural University of Athens (AUA) has been contributing to Greek and European economic development and policy-making with cutting edge scientific knowledge, basic and applied research and high-quality graduates since it was established in 1920. It is the third oldest university in Greece. The Laboratory of Agricultural Extension, Rural Systems, and Rural Sociology has a transdisciplinary focus on sustainability and innovation and is involved in numerous European research projects on topics such as extension/ training and learning, agri-environmental topics, policy assessments, project design and evaluation.

Baltic Studies Centre (BSC)


The Baltic Studies Centre (BSC) is a private non-profit research organisation specialising in studies of sustainable rural and regional development, agro-food systems, farming and innovation. Since its establishment in 1991, BSC has carried out over 40 research projects including 15 EU Framework Programme projects. The areas of BSC expertise include sociology, sustainable agriculture, food supply chains, innovation networks, peri-urban agriculture, community development and public policy analysis. BSC undertakes action-oriented research and cooperates with producer organisations, policy makers, municipalities, SMEs and a range of national and international research and advisory organisations.

Ekotoxa ltd. (EKOT)

Czech Republic

Ekotoxa ltd. (EKOT) is a research, development and consultancy company working in the Czech Republic and abroad at the interface of sustainable development, nature protection, ecotoxicology, forestry, agriculture, soils and spatial planning at national, regional and local level. The company was founded in 1990 and has over 40 employees with a diverse range of skills and a broad portfolio of experience from analysis, studies and consultancy contracts undertaken for the Czech government, town and regional authorities, research institutes, agricultural enterprises and farmers. EKOT has particular experience with providing technical assistance for the design, development and implementation of geo-information systems for the management and control of CAP area-related payments in the EU Member States of Central and Eastern Europe.

Highclere Consulting SRL (HCC)


Highclere Consulting SRL (HCC) is a privately-owned consultancy company (SME) based in southern Transylvania, Romania. Established in 2006, the company provides hands-on consultancy, training and policy analysis services for governmental and non-governmental organisations in the field of rural development and sustainable agriculture in South Eastern Europe. HCC are specialists in rural networking and have provided technical services to various rural networks at national and European level. HCC also regularly provides policy evaluation services for the European Commission.

INRAE Transfert


Inrae Transfert (IT) is fully-owned subsidiary of INRAE. IT is a technology transfer company specialised in exploiting the innovative technologies arising from INRAE’s agriculture-related research and developing them into concrete business opportunities. The staff of IT’s European Projects Division have particular expertise in both helping researchers in the conception, construction and writing of relevant proposals (especially regarding health, agriculture, and environment topics), and managing large collaborative projects of all types and sizes that are implemented with various different national and international funding sources.

Institute for Agrifood Technology and Infrastructures of Navarra (INTIA)


The Institute for Agrifood Technology and Infrastructures of Navarra (INTIA) is a public company attached to the Department of Rural Development and Environment of the Government of Navarra, Spain. INTIA was established in 2011 and brought together four existing public companies that had been working for over 30 years with the agri-food sector in Navarra. INTIA currently has a staff of 200, including 21 specialized technicians offering advisory services to 6,700 farmers on the extensive management of cereals, horticulture and orchards in the specific conditions of the region.

Innovatiesteunpunt (ISP)


Innovatiesteunpunt (ISP) is the Innovation Centre for Agricultural and Rural Development which is embedded within Boerenbond and Landelijke Gilden, the largest agricultural and rural development organization in Flanders, Belgium, with a membership of 17,000 farmers and 70,000 rural families. Within this broad organization, ISP provides a focal point for agricultural and rural innovation and permanently incubates and delivers more than 30 EU or nationally funded innovation pilot projects. These projects focus on applying theoretical knowledge gained from fundamental research to the development, testing and practical implementation of innovative products, processes, and services that are essential for promoting a sustainable agricultural sector and a vibrant and resilient rural economy.

James Hutton Institute (HUTT)

United Kingdom

The James Hutton Institute (HUTT) is one of the Scottish Government’s major research providers, focusing on land crops, soils, land use and environmental research. It employs over 500 scientists and support staff from a wide range of disciplines making it one of the largest research centres in the UK. Within the Institute, the Social, Economic and Geographical Sciences Group (SEGS) conducts both free-standing social science and interdisciplinary work research on major contemporary social and economic research challenges, such as natural resource governance, ecosystem services valuation, sustainable behaviours, rural community vibrancy and socioeconomic transitions in agriculture.

Open University (OU)

United Kingdom

The Open University (OU) is a world leader in modern distance learning and a pioneer of teaching and learning methods that enable people to achieve their career and life goals, studying flexibly at times and places that suit them. The OU is one of the largest Universities in Europe with around 174,000 students. OU modules are designed for an online environment, using technology-enhanced learning approaches. The OU also has an active research programme with an international reputation for its research quality, impact and environment with considerable experience and expertise in leading national and international projects.

Institute for Rural and Regional Research (RURALIS)


The Institute for Rural and Regional Research (RURALIS) is an independent, non-profit research organisation based in Trondheim, Norway. Established in 2001, the core activity of RURALIS is multi-disciplinary rural studies with a particular emphasis upon theoretical and methodological research in rural sociology. RURALIS has a highly competent and multidisciplinary staff, including around 30 researchers with backgrounds in sociology, geography, business economics, social anthropology, political science and agronomy. In addition to its research work, RURALIS undertakes development and evaluation assignments for the Norwegian government and other official bodies.

Stichting Wageningen Research (WR)

The Netherlands

Stichting Wageningen Research (WR) is the Dutch organisation for agricultural research which, together with Wageningen University, forms the Wageningen University and Research Centre. WR consists of a number of private not-for-profit research institutes that work in different domains and agricultural sub-sectors. WR has a strong track record in multidisciplinary projects and has been involved in hundreds of FP6, FP7 and Horizon 2020 projects, as well as many other large national and international research projects. The WR institute involved in AgriLink is Praktijkonderzoek Akkerbouw, Groene Ruimte en Vollegrondsgroenten (Applied Arable and Vegetable Research).

Universidade de Tras-os-Montes e Alto Douro (UTAD)


Universidade de Tras-os-Montes e Alto Douro (UTAD) is a public institution in the Portuguese higher education sector. UTAD’s mission is teaching, research and extension. Research activities are concentrated in 8 research units, including the Centre for Development and Transdisciplinary Studies (CETRAD). The focus of research activities in CETRAD is on the social sciences and the building of inter- and transdisciplinary approaches. CETRAD has a vast experience of the interdisciplinary application of social sciences, namely in the field of agricultural education and extension, agricultural economics, rural development and innovation studies.

Ustav Zemedelske Ekonomiky A Informaci (UZEI)

Czech Republic

Ustav Zemedelske Ekonomiky A Informaci (UZEI) is the Czech Institute of Agricultural Economics and Information. It was founded in 1993 by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic and is a publicly funded organisation that works at both national and international level. UZEI undertakes basic and applied research and development in the field of agricultural economics and policy, as well as providing support to the Ministry of Agriculture and other governmental bodies on technical, economic and policy issues of importance to Czech agriculture and the rural economy. UZEI is also responsible for overseeing the Farm Accountancy and Data Network (FADN) in the Czech Republic and is the main institution charged with developing and maintaining the technical capacity of the Czech Farm Advisory Service.

Vinidea S.R.L (VIN)


Vinidea srl (VIN) is a micro-enterprise founded in 1999 that provides information transfer and innovation brokerage for the wine industry. VIN looks for scientific and practical news from all over the world and then makes it available to agronomists and enologists. They make full and effective use of all available tools to promote the sharing of information among the different categories of wine specialists: from classic conferences to webinars and internet tools, study trips, written articles, audiovideos, translations from and into different languages and surveys. VIN is publisher of the journal Infowine (Internet Journal of Enology and Viticulture) which is available in 6 languages and read by 40,000 wine professionals worldwide.